According to Microsoft’s TrueType Specifications, Some font may not work in Internet Explorer . So you need to change the embedding level of a TrueType font.

NOTE: Changing the embedding value does not give you license to distribute the fonts. You should only change this setting if you are the font creator, or something like that. Use at your own risk.

Here is a tutorial how to change the embedding level of a TrueType font.

Requirements : Windows 7 / Windows 10  64bit

Process :

1) Download this tools from here : Download

2) Create a folder and copy all font that does not work on Internet Explorer in it.

3) Copy the tool and keep that in the same folder you have just created .

4) Navigate to that directory in the command line

5) Type embed fontname.fonttype, replacing fontname with the filename and fonttype with the extension i.e. embed brokenFont.ttf

6)All done! Your font should now work. You need to reupload the fonts in the app

Here is a video