Options with Costs can be Displayed in Four ways :

  1.  Draft Order

  2. Creating a new product

  3.  Additional Product that helps price increase

  4. Link Variant

1) Draft Order

There are multiple methods that Shopify allows to adjust the additional price of the customized product on the Cart and Checkout Page. The draft order is one of those methods. This method allows us to create a Draft Order in the Merchants store and show that order on the Checkout page. Usually, we create a second virtual product and show it on the checkout page to adjust the additional price. The screenshot below shows how you can activate this option from the General Settings of the app.

Warning! To use Discount with Draft order you are required to use ShopDocs’ Discount On Cart.

You can also customize the title of the second product that will be added to the checkout page. You can either give a full customized name or add a part after the title of the Base Product which is being added to the cart. The screenshot below demonstrates how the checkout page is shown when the Draft order is enabled in a store.

Here on the checkout page, the 10$ additional price is adjusted by adding a virtual product.

Unfortunately, at present, the Draft order is not compatible with the discount code box on the checkout page. The draft order is created by Shopify and there is no option to apply a discount. We can not make it compatible unless Shopify makes it so. We found an alternative solution by collaborating with the ShopDocs’ Discount On Cart app to show the discounts on the Cart page. We suggest you use this app in case you have any discount codes running along with the Draft order enabled from our app.

2) Creating a new product

Each time a customer hits to add to cart a new product with a new price will be created. Here is how to do it.  This way customers will not see any additional items at the checkout. Thus reducing customer confusion of a large number of additional products.

Hide newly Created product from collection and search result


Delete newly created products automatically after a certain time.

3) Additional Product that helps price increase :

First, check your theme compatibility with the app for price increase feature

When your theme snippets are installed for the Price Per Option, Product Personalizer will display options prices on the cart, and at checkout. On the cart pages, option prices will be listed next to the option on the cart, and the total price for the line item is automatically changed to reflect the product price + personalization price.

Cart Page

Behind the scenes, we have to take a few steps to do this:
  1. We use a hidden “Item personalization” product to add fees to your cart. Shopify does not provide any way to add fees or additional costs to a cart, so we need a product with a price to do this, unfortunately.
  2. This item is set at $0.01 (or whatever your currency is) so that you can add any price for an option, and we just adjust the quantity (ie $5 = 500 of the $0.01 item). Otherwise, we would need tons of these hidden products to add unique fees, which would clutter up your product management considerably.
  3. Our app’s scripts hide this “fee” product throughout your product pages, collections, cart, etc to make it look like option costs are part of your regular product.
  4. If you set price increase the same flat rate for all products then you can change the Item personalization unit pice from app settings with the flat rate. If you want to reduce unit then increase the price must be above this and divisible Without a Remainder

However, on checkout, our app’s scripts cannot run (unless you are a Shopify Plus enterprise merchant). This is because your checkout page is hosted by Shopify, not on your store’s domain, and to be secure, Shopify doesn’t allow any third-party scripts or code to run on this page.

As a result, we cannot modify or “hide” the way your “Item personalization” product is displayed as we can on your cart page. The personalization will be listed as a separate “product” with the total cost of the personalization separated from the product’s base cost.

The only way to hide the “Item personalization”   product in the checkout is to Set “Save Personalization” to ‘Create New Product‘.

If you are a Shopify Plus enterprise merchant the quantity of “Item personalization” can be hidden by applying the following code in checkout.liquid :
.product[data-product-type="PPLR_HIDDEN_PRODUCT"] .product-thumbnail .product-thumbnail__quantity{display:none;}

You can change the title and image of this “Item personalization” product from Shopify product admin.

Checkout Page

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to change this from our app, as none of our code can run on your checkout page. We will always group item personalization with the product they’re associated with, but this is as far as our modifications can go for the checkout page. If this changes in the future to allow external scripts, we will absolutely update our app to hide the “Item personalization” product here as well, but it currently cannot be done.

4) Link variant

This feature is available in MODERATE (19.99) Plan

A different Product variant  can be linked with each option of a color swatch, Image swatch, option list

Checkout Page:

This way you can track your inventory level for each option as well as charge your customer with a single variant