1. Slow loading of Customize It / Personalize It button / Direct field

  • Optimize your site: This is likely to happen when your site is not well optimized with resources like images, js, or any script from other apps. Our app is heavily optimized for fast loading. However, if the app seems to load slowly you are suggested to diagnose your site from here: https://gtmetrix.com/
  • Add a class: In order to hide add to cart button before the app script loaded need to add a class name to your cart button.

2. Slow loading of Popup window / Preview Image

Cause :

  • High Background Image Resolution
  • High Image Resolution in image group for image swatch
  • Number of the Image field
  • Number of Images in image swatch field
  • Large Image file
  • Large font file
  • Slow Internet Connection

Solution :

1) Set preview timing when changing input field

2) Use less resolution background image and image swatch. Preferred 1000×1000 or less and within 100-200kb

3) Use 100×100 thumb image in the image group

4) Less field is better

5) Use tag if you have a large number of images in an image swatch