Item Personalization is used to adjust the additional prices that are generated from our app. It is one of the ways of adding the extra prices on the Cart and Checkout. We welcome you to have a look at the full documentation here.

Due to some changes done to the Item Personalization, it might sometimes show additional variant error after clicking “Add to cart” button. There are mainly three reasons why this might happen.

1. Enabled to Track the Quantity: If tracking the quantity of the Item Personalization is being enabled, it might show Sold Out on the checkout page. We suggest you Disable the quantity tracking for the Item Personalization.

2. Set as Draft: Make sure that the product is set as Active.

3. Disabled Sales Channels: If the Item Personalization is disabled to be sold on certain sales channels, the product will show Sold Out generated from those specific channels. To encounter this problem we would recommend to Enable it for all the sales channels available. If you are selling the products customized by our app on some specific sales channels; enabling the item personalization only for those channels will also work without any problem.

In case you use the “Link a variant feature”, you may also need to check the linked variants. They are required to be active too in your store.

If following this documentation does not solve your issue, feel free to knock us anytime through live chat or E-mail.